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Caddick Construction

Project Brief

Adept were appointed by Caddick Construction during the construction phase due to the withdrawal of the previous engineers. Adept were required to work to a tight timescale to assist in the completion of this £2.5million project. All targets were met and the build was completed within time frame.



Adept built upon their strong working relationship with Caddick Construction during this time sensitive build. Engineering design was provided within an extremely short time scale and despite the difficulties of working within restraints of school holidays, Adept’s commitment to the provision of responsive consultancy was evident throughout.

Expert engineering solutions were required to address complex foundation needs which took into account interchangeable high rock strata and fill. The new foundations were adjacent to existing footings and complementary design was required to prevent undermining the existing footings. BIM models were created and co-ordinated with the architects to reduce clashes and enhance multidisciplinary working.

Responsive design enabled the production of hit rolled steel work to address the need for large windows within inner cavity wall construction. This reduced secondary hit rolled steel work, reducing both time and financial impact upon the build. This director led project facilitated the appointment of Adept for the second stage of construction which begins in 2016.