Serious about change

“At Adept, we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment through our design choices and our operation as a company.

After signing up to the UK Engineers Declare Climate Emergency petition, we have taken steps to achieve a Net-Zero operation, and significantly increase the carbon efficiency of our design workflow using software and informed design choices.

We have already started to make the changes necessary to help contribute to a better future for the construction industry, and the planet.” Erol Erturan, Managing Director.

What are we doing?

Adept were among the earliest companies to sign up to ‘Structural Engineers Declare’.

We are working with Earthly, a global movement to create a climate-positive world, to invest in the fight against climate change by offsetting 110% of our carbon footprint, making us a climate-positive business since 2020.

Offsetting our impact is only the beginning. We are taking further steps to reduce our impact through the use of renewable energy and waste reduction.

Our work with Earthly

We are offsetting our annual carbon footprint through a specially selected and VCS verified project that has the triple bonus of carbon removal, social benefits, and biodiversity restoration. This rainforest conservation project is backed and recommended by an independent scientific board of advisors and will protect forests and wildlife across 300,000 hectares.



Structural Engineers Declare was set up to unite the industry with a common goal. We must meet the needs of our society without breaching the earth’s ecological boundaries. A key point included as part of this commitment is to reduce both embodied and operational resource use.

In late 2020 we developed a tool to evaluate embodied carbon in the design phase of a project. This, along with the use of software such as OneClick LCA, has allowed us to consider the carbon efficiency of our designs. This includes benchmarking our designs against the Structural Carbon Rating Scheme (SCORS), which helps the design team make decisions regarding the materials we can use to reduce the overall environmental impact of a scheme.

Full Earthly Carbon Footprint Reports: 2020