BRE BIM Level 2

BRE BIM certification

BIM Manager, Balazs Trojak (left) with Director, Richard Parker

We are celebrating becoming one of just four companies in the country, and the first practice of civil and structural consulting engineers, to be awarded with a coveted certification that will be mandatory in all public sector building projects from 2016.

The Building Research Establishment (BRE) Building Information Modelling (BIM) Level 2 Business Systems Certification has been awarded to Adept following a stringent assessment process.

We are now BIM Level 2 certificated and therefore recognised as successfully being able to implement and utilise advanced 3D modelling tools in strict compliance with the Government’s strategy, meeting the requirements of PAS1192-2:2013 and table 8 of the PAS 91:2013 prequalification questionnaire document. Verified by BRE Global, Adept now has a certificate and entitlement to use a BRE Global BIM badge of compliance.



BIM Manager, Balazs Trojak says: “We have been utilising advanced modelling tools to aid in the civil and structural design process since 2007. The process means a building can be designed in a collaborative manner, using one central source of truth by way of a computer model. It enables every organisation that’s contributing to a building’s design, maintenance and every-day running to collaboratively communicate to save both time and money whilst ensuring a quality result for clients.”

Managing director Erol Erturan is a BRE BIM Accredited Professional and since 2013 we have used BIM on all projects regardless of size. Recent projects where we have implemented BIM include the £55m new Next Distribution Centre in Doncaster, the £20m Staycity Hotel in Manchester, the £12m refurbishment of Leeds Kirkgate Market, the new £9.5m Humber University Technical College in Scunthorpe and on residential projects for UK’s leading retirement housebuilder McCarthy & Stone and social housing organisations across the UK.

Erol says: “BIM is a great way of demonstrating to clients that we have the right procedures in place at every level to deliver what are very rigorous Government requirements. It also simplifies the tendering process, as once a business is BIM certified its competence levels are guaranteed.

“We are now one of just a handful of firms that have achieved this top BIM accreditation which is a fantastic achievement – especially as the majority of small to medium sized businesses are not at all prepared for the introduction of BIM Level 2 and face being frozen out of Government contracts as a result.

“The implementation of BIM software minimises errors and saves time during the execution of construction projects so it’s invaluable. By improving efficiency, reducing costs and risks and by enabling better design, BIM adds value to projects. Once fully developed, the model can be used throughout the lifecycle of a facility to assist with cost management, construction sequencing, sustainability, safety and in all areas of construction, facilities management and even decommissioning. The Government believes that the use of BIM is crucial to the future success of engineering in the UK and is mandating its use in all Government projects from 2016 so it will clearly be a hugely valuable asset to our business.”