Ground conditions can often be an area of client vulnerability leading to unforeseen costs.

We will help you to mitigate the risks associated with poor ground conditions by offering the following:

  • Undertake an initial desktop investigation, including reviewing historical information, including maps, and other documents.
  • Initial geotechnical desktop report.
  • Initial ground investigation with trial pits and boreholes. This may be followed up if required with further investigations and surveys.
  • Professional judgement of survey information, based on our wealth of experience and knowledge.
  • Review building design and how the footprint will best fit onto the site, considering location of existing services.
  • Adequately scope out the ground investigation survey, to mitigate ground risks as much as possible.
  • Undertake a 3D cut and fill exercise to determine if contaminated land can be kept on site rather than contributing to landfill.