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Project Brief

Adept were appointed by Home Group to provide civil engineering expertise during this £5million project involving the construction of forty six residential dwellings located upon a cliff top overlooking Valley Parade.
This development created 46 affordable homes which are rented by Home Group based on an assessment of need and demand in the area for this type of housing.


This project required specific civil engineering design due to the made ground and relic structures of previous terraced housing. Adept’s director led involvement incorporated a variety of foundation techniques to allow for relic bases and a 24 inch gas main which ran through the site. Adept were able to accommodate existing services within this site layout, highway and sewer design.

Adept’s commitment to providing proactive solutions included the formation of a large retaining wall to prevent the expense of removing contaminated materials during the build.

Developed as a “land inclusive” scheme with developer STG and architect Brewster Bye with the assistance of Bradford City Council. This is a superb example of Adept’s strength in multi-partnership working.
Continuing Adept’s commitment to sustainability it was a pleasure to be involved within the design of long life, durable, low maintenance and energy efficient housing.

This scheme was Winner of the LABC Building Excellence Award for Affordable Housing in 2014