Project Value



C&A Architects


Lynx Forecourts

Project Brief

The project comprised the construction of a new “pay at pump” and “drive to pay” kiosk petrol filling station (PFS) with the installation of two 55,000 litre above ground fuel tanks.


Due to a principal aquifer below the site, the typical solution of burying the fuel tanks below ground was not feasible due to the potential contamination risks to the groundwater.

Adept liaised with the local council and Environment Agency to ensure that the development achieved the full support of all stakeholders.

Adept designed all underground drainage solutions on the site, the foundations for the canopy and all external works to support the above ground fuel tanks.

Poor ground conditions on the site dictated that piled foundations were required to support the canopy foundations. There was a design requirement to ensure that they did not penetrate into the Principal Aquifer below.

Additional car-park improvement works and electric car charging points were also incorporated into the scheme.

All elements of the scheme were completed to the programme requirements and to budget.

The build was also complicated by a large diameter sewer which was present underneath the site. The sewer had to be diverted to make way for the new PFS.