Due to start on site in 2021, Adept is providing full civil and structural engineering services to deliver 267 new homes for Housing 21, working with Engie and MHA Architects.

To be developed over three phases in a 4.5 year time frame, this site has very challenging  topography with a level difference over the whole site of 51.4m. Foundation solutions will vary from traditional strip and trench fill to piled.

Our collaborative approach has ensured smooth progress from the feasibility stage, working with an environmental consultant to conduct a full geotechnical survey, establishing ground-related risks associated with the site’s previous use as a quarry.

We are thrilled to be working with Engie who will ensure each of the new homes exceed the carbon reduction requirements by a minimum of 10%. This project will bring more families into a growing community to help ease local housing problems. With a large 400m2 open area on the site, it will allow local wildlife a place to live, whilst also providing a safe environment for the community.

We look forward to keeping you up to date with this exciting project throughout 2021.

Rastrick Housing MHA Engie

image credit: MHA Architects