With the current COVID-19 situation in the UK and Europe, I wanted to take this opportunity to assure you we are doing everything in our power to maintain our level of service to you.

As always, the safety of our people and clients is our number one priority. The majority of our team here at Adept will now, moving forward, be working remotely  from home until further notice.

This will enable us to follow the current guidelines given by The Government, helping us to achieve the social distancing that our respective health authorities believe is critical to slowing COVID-19’s spread.

Whilst we do anticipate a temporary impact on our ability to deliver some work within the usual timescales, we will be transparent and open about any issues  of this nature which may arise. Making it our priority to communicate with you on a project specific basis, whilst ensuring the safety and well being of our staff
and the greater community.

Adept has robust and thoroughly tested remote working policies in place, whilst having an established team of senior staff to monitor and implement plans and be reactive to the evolving situation.

As always, we are always open to any queries you might have, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team or call me directly.

On behalf of myself and the team here at Adept I hope you, your colleagues and family stay safe during. And we look forward to continuing working together with you during these challenging times.

Erol Erturan – Managing Director at Adept.
T: 07905495434
E: erol.erturan@adeptcsce.com