A team of engineers from a Leeds based firm have volunteered to help with a conservation project on llkley Moor.

20 members of staff from Adept Civil and Structural Consulting Engineers spent two days volunteering with The Friends of Ilkley Moor (FoIM) – a registered charity that works closely with Bradford Metropolitan Borough Council and other partner organisations, including Natural England, to preserve and improve understanding and awareness of the Moor.

The team carried out a range of woodland conservation tasks, including critical litter picking around the Cow and Calf Rocks, bracken control, footpath restoration, wild plant clearing and they also helped to ensure camp fires had been extinguished correctly.

Erol Erturan, managing director at Adept, said: “Unfortunately there have been several fires on Ilkley Moor this year which have had a devastating effect on this very special moorland.  It was very rewarding working with the FoIM, making sure camp fires were out, and the litter picking also meant that we were able to make a visible difference to this beautiful place.

“Three years ago we introduced a scheme where our entire team can spend two days a year volunteering for good causes whilst being paid. It’s a great way for our team to get involved with charitable projects or community initiatives that they feel passionate about, or they can form a larger group for organised volunteering days. Last year we volunteered at Lineham Farm Children’s Centre in Leeds, and everyone involved in both projects has been really positive about their experiences.”

The FoIM run a series of volunteer days for the local community offering worthwhile volunteering experiences to build peoples understanding and skills in the conservation of upland habitats. Other projects volunteer groups can participate in include carrying out restoration work, wetland management, bracken control, upper tarn conservation, archaeological restoration and woodland conservation.