On 31st July, 15 members of the Adept Team successfully completed the 10 mile, 25 obstacle Tough Mudder course at Broughton Hall, Skipton. They demonstrated exceptional team work and solidarity, sticking together and helping each other along the way, in relentless weather conditions. They tackled and completed each and every obstacle of the unforgiving, very muddy course in torrential rain. They crawled, walked and even swam through mud. They scaled high slippery half pipes, crawled under barbed wire, submerged themselves in an icy pool of mud and were even electrocuted at the end of the course, just when they thought it was all over!

Making a difference is very important to Adept. This is one example of several fundraising challenges completed by the Adept team. Taking social responsibility, whilst nurturing team building, is fundamental to Adept’s inclusive culture and collaborative work ethic. Staff are also encouraged to volunteer two working days every year for a local charity.

The heroic efforts of the Tough Mudder Adept Team raised a tremendous £1,750 for Adept’s chosen charity, St Vincent’s. St. Vincent’s are a Leeds based charity who provide help and support to poverty stricken families. They make a huge difference to the lives of so many. Their services include counselling sessions, debt advice, migrant support and food parcels. At Christmas, which is often the most difficult time of year for families who struggle financially, St. Vincent’s distribute Christmas food hampers and give presents to local children who would not receive anything otherwise.

St. Vincent’s also have 40 community shops dotted across England and Wales and are situated in areas of deprivation. The community shops make a positive impact on those who are most in need. They operate as charity shops to provide quality, affordable goods to disadvantaged families. However, their function is to also provide invaluable support to vulnerable people within the local community, this includes counselling services and home trips.

If you would like to help this amazing charity please donate here: