Roles at ADEPT

I am a structural Engineer with 7 years post graduate experience and been involved in a wide range of projects including leisure, retail, education, healthcare and commercial developments. The diversity of experience
gained from these projects has allowed me to develop as a well-rounded competent chartered structural engineer. I have worked using a wide range of construction materials; steel, reinforced & mass concrete, timber
and masonry. I have designed structures using a variety of different structural forms; portal frame, plain frames, flat slabs and loadbearing masonry. I am well versed in the application of specialist 3d finite element design software for building structures. Working in partnership with the client and design team members, his experience coupled with a focus on build ability and speed of construction allows him to assist clients to identify opportunities for securing early wins on projects.

When not working

I believe a healthy body is the key to a healthy mind in today’s hectic society. I enjoy a range of sporting activities such as football and golf which require a high level of dedication and motivation.